Friday, 24 December 2010

My (incomplete) TBR Pile

This here's going to be a long list of my current TBR pile that I have at my house. Nothing on my wishlist, though. This way I can add books, and cross out books easily :)

All of the books without a [+] in front of them are books that do count towards the Off the Shelf challenge, as they have been purchased before 31st December 2010.

[350] = 350 Page Challenge
[D] = Dystopia Challenge
[DA] = Debut Author Challenge

For Review:
- Bell; Hilari: Trickster's Girl [D]
- Bowditch; Eden Unger: The Atomic Weight of Secrets...
- Joblin; Curtis: Rise of the Wolf (Wereworld) [350]
- Kacvinsky; Katie: Awaken [D] [DA] 
- Karp; Jesse: Those That Wake [D] [DA]
- Laird; Elizabeth: The Betrayal of Maggie Blair
- MacCullough; Carolyn: Always A Witch
- McNish; Cliff: Savannah Grey
- Oliver; Lauren: Delirium [D]
- Porter; Sarah: Lost Voices 
- Primeval: Shadow of the Jaguar
- Primeval: Fire and Water
- Purnhagen; Mara: One Hundred Candles
- Snyder; Maria V: Outside In [D]

- Anderson; M. T: Feed [D]
- Black; Holly: Tithe
- Christopher; Lucy: Stolen
- Condie; Ally: Matched [350] [D]
- Devlin; Ivy: Low Red Moon (ARC)
- Fisher; Catherine: Incarceron [350] [D]
- Funke; Cornelia: Inkheart [350]
- Garcia; Kami: Beautiful Creatures [350]
- Gregory; Phillipa: The Constant Princess [350]
- Gregory; Phillipa: The Queen's Fool [350]
- Gregory; Phillipa: The Boleyn Inheritance [350]
- Harvey; Alyxandra: My Love Lies Bleeding (Hearts at Stake)
- Jordan; Sophie: Firelight
- Kate; Lauren: Fallen [350]
- Le Guin; Ursula: Gifts
- Marr; Melissa: Wicked Lovely
- Ness; Patrick: The Knife of Never Letting Go [350] [D]
- Noel; Alyson: Evermore [350]
- Patterson; James: The Angel Experiment (MR#1) [350]
- Pearce; Jackson: As You Wish
- Pearce; Jackson: Sisters Red 
- Pearson; Mary E: The Adoration of Jenna Fox
- Pike; Aprilynne: Wings [350]
- Shan; Darren: The Thin Executioner [350]
- Showalter; Gena: Intertwined [350]
- Shusterman; Neal: Unwind [D]
- Snyder; Maria V: Inside Out [D]
- Snyder; Maria V: Poison Study [350]
- Zusak; Markus: The Book Thief [350]

- Bronte; Charlotte: Jane Eyre
- Brown; Dan: Angels and Demons
- Brown; Dan: Digital Fortress
- Brown; Dan: The Da Vinci Code
- Child; Lee: 61 Hours
- Child; Lee: One Shot
- Child; Lee: Die Trying
- Cornwell; Patricia: Postmortem
- Doolittle; Nadine: Iced Under
- Fitzgerald; Scott: The Great Gatsby
- Harris; Charlaine: An Ice Cold Grave
- Harris; Thomas: Red Dragon
- Harris; Thomas: Silence of the Lambs
- Harris; Thomas: Hannibal
- King; Stephen: Dreamcatcher
- King; Stephen: Lisey's Story
- King; Stephen: Under the Dome
- Lupton; Rosamund: Sister
- Masello; Robert: Blood & Ice
- McEwan; Ian: Atonement
- McEwan; Ian: Enduring Love
- Montanari; Richard: Kiss of Evil
- Nesbo; Jo: The Devil's Star
- Nesbo; Jo: Nemesis
- Nesbo; Jo: The Redbreast
- Picoult; Jodie: My Sister's Keeper
- Slaughter; Karin: A Faint Cold Fear
- Vincent; Rachel: Alpha [350]

To be continued...


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